Introducing Yawye

You already know what people think, would you like to measure how they feel?

Human feelings harvested at superhuman scale with context.

Yawye is software that quantifiably measures and interprets authentic feelings about any topic to lift happiness, loyalty and trust–building healthier, people, brands and communities.

One of the problems we solve

Experiencing the “Say-Do Gap”?

We built Yawye for your organization.

We believe that until you understand how people feel, it’s risky to predict how they will think and act. We close that gap.



We empower next-gen workers by anonymizing, aggregating and clearly reporting their sentiment. 


A data bullhorn to leadership

Leadership receives actionable insights and recommendations based upon sentiment we harvest from your organization.

Our Secret Sauce

Feelings happen before thought, in the limbic part of the brain, and they happen with great speed.

And how does Yawye measure those feelings? With the fastest-growing language in human history: the humble emoji, paired with short video stories.

We aggregate moment by moment user emoji responses into organizational sentiment using Statistics, Semantics, Psychology, and Cultural Anthropology.

Other tools ask questions; only Yawye interprets authentic feelings.


What it’s like to Yawye

If you can stream it, you can Yawye. Users can experience Yawye on any device they choose, providing feedback on video stories in real-time by clicking emojis that represent their feelings.


Use any video story

Yawye’s platform can ingest any video – our library, your library or a third party library.



User identity is fully anonymized, promoting honest feedback.

Experience Yawye

Each Yawye video story uncovers employees’ authentic feelings about specific, actionable issues in the workplace.

Start a Conversation

Get to know Yawye. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll create a free guided test drive to help you find solutions.